Please recycle

Some good news for a change. Watch this brilliant video at The Times.

Homeless turned Pointsmen

Homeless people in Rosebank, Johannesburg felt a moral duty to make sure that traffic ran smoothly and no one was harmed on the roads when the traffic lights went out as a result of load shedding.

This insignificant little story really provides food for thought in a country with very little good news at the moment.  From the video one can see that these “homeless people”, in their rather clumsy way, actually got the traffic “sort of” flowing when the traffic lights went out.  I’m sure that spending hours at intersections watching the traffic, gave them a pretty good idea of how the traffic flowed.  Who knows why they decided to step in and help.  The cynic in me says they probably did this for some extra handouts.

We have such chronic levels of unemployment in this country that even 20 minutes of doing something productive is cause for celebration.

The best part of the video however, is the arrival of the police, who presumably arrest these poor folk for some obscure reason or other and then ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE at the intersection.

We have been told by Eishkom that we are to expect rolling blackouts for the foreseeable future so wouldn’t it be great if we had some sort of action plan for busy intersections in the event of an outage.  And if this plan involves the beggars and homeless, so be it.

I think that all Government and Municipal personnel should be trained in basic traffic direction, and in the event of an outage they should park their official cars, don their reflective bibs and get out there and help.  And yes, I am also talking about the police and traffic officials who’d prefer to just sit there on their fat arses and watch the chaos.

So next time you see a carguard recycled as a traffic cop, please thank him and toss out a coin or two.

Enjoy your weekend.



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