Check, check, checkmate?

What do Scorpions boss, Gerrie Nel and my Malawian gardener, Joshua, have in common?

Answer : They were both arrested last night.

Poor old Joshua was locked away at the Knysna Police Station, pending deportation by our super-efficient Department of Home Affairs officials, and Gerrie Nel was arrested in front of his wife and children by a “task-force” of 20 police officers at his Pretoria home.

For those of you who don’t know who Gerrie Nel is, he just happens to be the investigating officer who led the investigation into the shooting of mining magnate Brett Kebble, and led the state’s probe into alleged criminal activity by National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

The charges, according to The Times, are corruption and defeating the ends of justice between 2004 and 2005.

A warrant for his arrest was issued as far back as November, but the police elected to withhold the warrant until the 7th January.  How generous of them.  Can we assume that this was to let him spend Christmas with his family?  Is this possibly why the NPA, despite making a decision last year, have been so coy about letting the rest of us know the fate of Police Chief, and Interpol head, Jackie Selebe?

And 20 police officers?  Was he a flight risk?  Was he heavily armed and dangerous?

This is becoming a joke.  Who’s next?  Maybe some enemies of JZ or the Shaik brothers?  I’m afraid this sort of news does not bode well for this country.  Any sane foreign investor would probably just look elsewhere for investment opportunities on hearing news like this.

Now I’m off to see what I can do for Joshua.



2 Responses

  1. Have you thought about moving to Australia? It sounds as though you need a change. It has started in your mind without you knowing about it.One day you are going to shock your family and say it is time to go.Everybody is going to tell you that you are crazy to leave the good life of SA. They will tell you that Abbos are the same as our gla’mins.But move you will. You see there is no choice. You are carrying to much SA life baggage.Now if you worry about the veg and the fish only you have a chance. Make your choice.

  2. Sadly, I must concur with Lex on this one….
    I am often asked by people here in Ireland how is it that the hardworking well intentioned population can function under such strange and strained contitions in the new SA. There seem to be two sets of rules…those for the criminal element and those for the hardworking normal populace… with the softer options for the criminal element. It wont be long before the pressure will force the govt to start eyeing out the farms and profitable businesses…
    ‘Tis sad indeed. make sure your passport is current cos a move may yet be on the cards…

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