The Journey

In this, my last posting for 2007, I would like to leave you with a little story to carry you through the Christmas festivities and into the New Year.

This hamster wheel that we call life, can be viewed in many different ways.

The first is by snapshots. Little images and sound bites that are supposed to represent the process of birth, life and finally death. Important events, graduations, holidays, marriages, new babies etc. are stored away in our consciousness as a story of our life.

The second is as a movie. A continuous stream of a certain length (which we don’t know) representing what happens between the beginning and the end. A blurry roller-coaster ride, with ups and downs, joy and disappointment. This is like sitting in a cinema, but not knowing how long the movie will be.

And thirdly, life can be viewed as a journey. An adventure with no particular destination in mind, but with one simple rule: Enjoy every single second of it. I read a statistic somewhere, that something like 70% of the Worlds population will die within a few miles of their place of birth. This is quite sad, but many of us live our lives exactly like this. Our journey, if you can even call it a journey, only takes us a very short distance from our comfort zone. We stay in that safe, fuzzy place, in our minds, our emotions, our experiences and in our outlook on life.

My message for 2008 is to take that new path, enjoy the journey, and look after yourselves, your loved ones, and most importantly Mother Earth, as you journey into the new year.

Be Good





3 thoughts on “The Journey”

  1. Hey dude…

    Happy New year etc to the whole Synapto family….(first for 2008!)

    Make sure you travel far from home – then and only then will your mind truly open. It would be a miracle if I were to die anywhere near my place of Birth !!

  2. I notice that your blogroll has had 11499 hits. Almost as much as the FNB branch next to the law courts.It was once said that Bosbefok’s grandpa used to be the bank manager there some time ago or designed the place. Cant remember.I agree that looking after the earth should be the new path for all in 2008.I agree that Bosbefok will be far from Zambia his place of birth.

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