Back from Polokwane

So Boet, how was the conference?

Comrade Bru, it was GREAT.

What did you get up to?

Well, there was lot’s of dancing and singing and heckling and we ate a lot of ice cream.

Ice cream?

Ja, apparently ice cream is always very popular at ANC gatherings. Oh, and also red meat.

And the voting?

Aghh, that was….OK, but Doris is not very happy.

Why, what happened?

Well, we were supposed to take a photo of our ballot paper with our cell phone, and if we could prove that we had voted for Comrade JZ, apparently we would get R10 000.

So what happened?

Well I voted, and as I wanted to take the photo, my cell phone battery went flat.

So what did you do?

Well I tried to plug in my charger at a plug point I could reach, but I had to unplug another plug, and well…. there were a few problems.


Yes, apparently I unplugged all of the computers, and then there was chaos, and they found out it was me, and then they said I was a Mbeki spy, and hell Comrade Bru, it was terrible.

So Doris never got her washing machine?

No, but I bought her some souvenirs, but she just threw them back at me.

What did you get her?

Aghh, just some STUFF.

A T-Shirt


A poster


..and some soap.



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