Odds and Sods

With the ANC herd at Polokwane for their “conference”, everything seems rather quiet in SA while we wait in anticipation for the results of the Presidential contest.

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has apparently made a decision on whether to charge Selebi (our police chief and also head of Interpol) with fraud, corruption, racketeering and numerous other charges, but we’ll have to wait a while, because the Minister of Justice Brigitte Mabandla has to be “briefed” first. Now what could this mean? Either we are charging him or not. Why are we being so coy about this matter?

Another sticky job for the NPA is obviously whether to charge Zuma with similar charges. With the “briber” (Shabir Shaik) tucked away in prison after being found guilty by numerous courts for doing the bribing, I find it unbelievable that the “bribee” is not only still free, but also standing for President, with a very good chance of winning. What a country !! Does this man have no shame, or is he just too stupid and thick-skinned to care? It is common knowledge that his highest academic achievement was about grade 8.

Slightly further afield (in Angola), two actors have been shot dead by policemen, who mistook them for armed robbers. I suppose it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, but the most amazing fact about this story is that when the police realized their mistake, they just stopped shooting and sped off.

Our sports teams are striving to be fully representative of the “demographics” of our country. Why stop with getting the exact percentage (to the nearest 2 decimal places nogal) right? What about all of the farm animals and wildlife? Surely everyone (thing) in this country deserves a fair chance at making the National sports teams. Here is a sneak preview of a very determined young lady vying for a place in our swimming team.


The crime problem in this country is clearly out of control. Surely this is a growth industry and the armed response and other security-related companies must be making a fortune. I wouldn’t be surprised if a “training school” or two pops up to instruct would be burglars on the finer art of house-breaking. Imagine the exams and tests that they’d have to do. How’s this for the final practical of Squeezing Through the Burglar Bars 101.


And finally, this new urinal design is definitely not for the c&ck-shy. It’s not so much the design that worries me, but what in heavens name motivated the designer to think up something like this in the first place?


* Thanks to Reuters for the images.

Enough for now.



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  1. It is 3 degrees outside in Midleton, Ireland and it is 10pm at night. My family and I are watching TV close to the fireplace with a raging peat fire pumping out enough heat to fill the house.I hope peat is a green fuel. That seems to be all that concerns me at the moment. The fact that a rapist and a fraudster is going to lead my country is of no concern to me. The crime is forgotten. The fact that the pink pig has no chance of getting in the swim team because it is not a black pig worries me not. The fact that the security companies combined are a more powerful force than the SA Army does not concern me.What does concern me is the fact that South Africans complain that the petrol price is high when I am paying R11.40 a litre in Ireland.Wonder if my car could run on this peat stuff? Oh! I do feel bad about the two actors as well.

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