Off to Polokwane

So Boet, I hear you’re off to Polokwane?

Yep, I’m going to make my contribution man.”

But what’s with this sudden political interest?

Well I’ve been sitting and thinking about this democracy thing, and it’s not really working for me right now.

How so?

Well I’ve never seen the point of voting in this country. It just seems so senseless.

Ja, but we have to do our part.

Ja, I know but in the old days all us white okes voted and the Nats still won regardless. It’s no different now. We can vote for whatever party we like, the outcome won’t change.

So that’s why you joined the ANC?

Ja, because I figured that our elections are pretty meaningless. At least voting within the ANC is slightly more exciting.

Aren’t you worried someone will recognise you from the border?

Not a chance, I was younger, fitter, thinner and covered in paint most of the time. And anyway we never got to actually shoot anyone.

So who are you going to vote for?”

Oh, I dunno. I suppose I’ll just check out what the best offer is.

You mean you’re going to SELL your vote.?”

Ja, what’s wrong with that? Doris want’s a new washing machine.

But what’s the point boet? I thought you were into this democracy thing?

I am, but there’s money and free food and lot’s of dancing and singing. Democracy has never been this good.

You worry me boet. You worry me.”


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