Calendar Girls

So Boet, how’s the new business going?

Fine, the orders are flying in.

Do you do any type of printing, or just business cards?

Anything, you name it I’ll print it, cards, flyers, posters, calendars.”

Well you must be busy at this time of year with calendars?

Ja, and I’m even picking up some Government business.”

How’d you manage that? You’re not BEE * are you?

What are you talking about man, I’m as BEE as the rest.

You are a middle-aged, balding white oke with a paunch. How can you say you’re BEE?

No man, not me, my company.

OK, YOUR company. How can it be BEE?

Well we have three directors, a black man, a black woman and a white woman. BEE.

Can I guess who the black man and black woman are?

Go ahead, you’ll never guess.

“Is it possibly your gardener and your maid?

Well err, yes, how’d you know?

“Just a hunch Boet, just a hunch. So anyway, tell me about this Government business you’re doing?

Well, not exactly Government, just a municipality.

Which one?

Pietermaritzburg, except nowadays it’s called the Msunduzi Municipality.

What did you do for them?

Well they wanted a calendar and sent me the artwork, but I thought I’d use a bit of poetic licence.

What are you talking about?

You see they wanted a picture of their mayor, but I figured that was a bit boring so I just used that picture from Bert’s Garage on their calendar. They were most impressed. We even made the news.

Boet, I think you’re in a bit of sh&t here, I also saw the news, and they were far from impressed.

Oh, I thought it was very artistic, judge for yourself.


This is what they wanted.


And this is what Boet gave them.

Read more here;

The Times



* BEE. For my overseas readers, BEE stands for Black Economic Empowerment, a system whereby companies are forced by legislation to have a sufficient proportion of Black owners and employees, failing which they are excluded from most contracts and tenders. Racial Discrimination is still alive and well in South Africa folks.


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