Did he?


PHILIP : Oops.

ANN : Dad !!

ELIZABETH : Oh God, not again.

HARRY : I’m sure that was Gramps.

CHARLES : What was that sound?

HARRY : I know it wasn’t me.

PHILIP : Oh Shit, they’ve noticed. I’ll try and keep a straight face.


PHILIP : Just stare at the horizon.

HARRY : Gran is going to kill him.

ELIZABETH : Why do I have to endure this childishness?

ANN : Could you not have been a bit more discrete.

CHARLES : What’s Ann on about? What’s that SMELL?


PHILIP : I am NOT going to be able to keep a straight face.

ELIZABETH : 50 YEARS !!! Just close your eyes and think of England.

HARRY : Hee, hee. Oh God this is hilarious.

ANN : DAD, say something. Charles thinks it’s ME !!


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