The business meeting

So Boet, how was your trip to Pretoria?

Eventful, very eventful.

Why what happened?

You mean you never read about it?

No, what are you talking about?

Promise you won’t tell Doris?

Ja, I promise, just tell me what happened?

You know that meeting I went to in Pretoria?


Well it wasn’t exactly a meeting.

What do you mean?

Well it was more of a booze cruise on the Roodeplaat dam.”


Don’t tell me you were on the ferry that sank?

Ja, but that was the least of my problems.

Why, how could it be any worse?

You do know that their were four strippers on board?

No way !!!


Ja, and just before it sank I was hauled up on stage and stripped kaalgat.

And then?

And then this pretty little stripper rubbed baby oil all over me.

Go on !!

And then the ferry sank with my clothes, wallet, air ticket, everything.

So what did you do.

Well I swam like hell for the shore with this stripper on my back.

Well that couldn’t been so bad.

But she kept slipping off because of the baby oil, and we were the last to get to shore.

And then?

Well by that stage the press had arrived.

Did they interview you?

No, they just wanted to take photos. Please don’t tell Doris !!!


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