A snake in the grass

Mr President, I have Synaptoman on line #2.

Oh God, how did he get this number, didn’t I tell you to change it after his last call?

Yes I did sir, but these bloggers seem to be pretty resourceful.

Oh well, what does he want this time?

Sir, he’s blabbering on about you being in danger.

Danger? From who? What?

From your enemies sir.

Well tell me something I don’t already know.

He says he has information that they are plotting against you.

Like I said………

No sir, he says that there is a traitor in your very ranks.

A traitor?

Yes sir. In his words, a SNAKE IN THE GRASS.

Well, have you told him how we deal with snakes in Xhosa culture?

Yes I did sir, but he still insists that you are in grave danger.

You tell him that we beat them with sticks until they’re dead.

Sir, he seems to think that this snake in the grass may be a bit big for a stick.

Is he talking about JZ?

Not sure sir, but he sent a photograph to illustrate his point.

Oh my God !!!



One thought on “A snake in the grass”

  1. Damn but thats a decent size python…. You take the photo or was it borrowed…? My wife keeps telling me to pull up my fly… now i know why 🙂

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