My two cents worth

The ANC Presidential succession race certainly has thrown up some interesting questions, at least for a casual observer, whether he be an ordinary citizen of this country or a potential foreign investor.  I would like to pose some of these questions here.

  • Why is Mbeki standing for a third term as ANC President, knowing that he cannot serve another term as President of South Africa?
  • What does he know that we don’t know?  Could we see some meddling with our Constitution?
  • How serious is Zuma’s threat to bring down the whole government if he is targeted for corruption in the arms deal case?
  • How can we even consider electing a President who has no formal education, a pending corruption case and some strange views of HIV prevention?
  • What prevents the succession battle resulting in a splintering of the ANC into numerous insignificant groupings?
  • Why the bitter fight for the Presidency, when by the admission of both major nominees, the ANC is a collective and no real decision-making power is vested in the Presidency?
  • How serious are the tribal divisions within the ANC?  Is the concept of a Zulu President possible?  What would the pecking order be in relation to the Zulu King?

So many questions, so few answers.



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