Oops, could someone make it stop please?

Err, Houston we have a problem. I reported yesterday that I had performed a certain “rain dance” in order to fill my water tanks for my Aquaponics project. What the Forest Fairy omitted to tell me was how to make it stop. The Knysna Forests are now cut off by flood waters, and she does not have a cell phone (or shoes, or shampoo etc.) so I have no way of making contact with her.

We have had 132mm of rain in the last 24 hours according to the brilliant and very accurate Knysna Live Weather website and my own two rain gauges (pictured below) which gave readings of 130mm and 125mm respectively.



Widespread flooding has engulfed the whole of the Western and Southern Cape and the latest disaster has been theKeurbooms River in Plett which is about to burst it’s banks.

Here in Knysna, from my perch here on the hill, it appears that George Rex Drive is closed by flooding. If you zoom in on this image you’ll see the floodwaters flowing across the road into the lagoon. The fresh water and silt that is flowing into the Ashmead Channel is sure to cause huge problems for the ecology of this very sensitive area (sorry seahorses).



Wet, wet, wet.



One thought on “Oops, could someone make it stop please?”

  1. Dude… you performed the wrong rain dance…!
    The one you did was the one for the building of an Ark ! 42 cubits by 17 Cubits.. 🙂
    I think youre tank should fill quick enough…
    Time for Bio Fuel…

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