But we can’t see it

Hey boet, only 4 more days hey?

For what?

For the 2010 World Cup, of course.

It’s not the World Cup, you chop, it’s just the draw.

Oh, I thought it was the start. I’ve booked a flight for Doris and I and everything.

Well cancel it, we can watch the draw on TV.

Well that’s just it, we can’t.

What do you mean, we can’t?

Well that’s just another reason I’m flying to Durban.

What do you mean?

We’ll we can’t watch it on TV unless we have a generator.

What ARE you talking about?

Well it say’s right here that Eskom have GUARANTEED that there will be no electricity outages in Durban from the 23rd to the 25th of November.


SO, I does that affect us?

Well don’t you see? Where do you think they are going to get the electricity from to make guarantees like that?


Yep, load-shedding. We’ll be in the dark, so that the rest of the world can see how much electricity we have in Durban.


Do you think I can still get a flight?



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