Aquaponics 102 – deviating from the project

I have just come across some interesting images relating to Hydroponics/Aquaponics. This is one serious installation. The crop? Marijuana.

This looks like an ordinary house in Tennessee, USA.


At the back of the garage is a secret door.


From the inside the door looks a little more robust.


Excavated 50 yards into the cliff face behind the house is a cave filled with marijuana plants, grown hydroponically.


Irrigated, temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, artificial grow lights, everything.


A crop in these ideal conditions can be harvested every 60 days.


Important to have an escape route in case the “feds” come calling.


A rock? No, an escape hatch disguised as a rock.


All of this sort of equipment and infrastructure gets auctioned off by the Justice Department after the court cases have been finalised, and are snapped up by keen Aquaponic and Hydroponic enthusiasts.

Interesting !!


P.S. I think I’ll stick to lettuce and spinach, not as lucrative, but a lot safer.


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