Snippets from the South

I thought I’d start the week by venting some steam on subjects that have caught my eye during the last week. Kindly note that these views are my own, and in no way reflect the views of any third party bidding for control of this blog.

2010 World Cup Stadium strike.

1200 workers at the World Cup Stadium construction site in Durban went on strike two weeks ago “deeemanding” a R1500 per month “project bonus”. This apparently is because , in their words, “why should the fat cats make all of the money?” Why indeed? Is it possibly because the construction company has won the tender, invested in plant, financed the project, taken the risks? Is it possibly because companies are formed to make a profit? Has it occured to these “wakkers” that they are being paid exactly what they are worth? Has it occured to them that whatever profit or loss the company makes has absolutely nothing to do with the hole they are digging at R12/hr? I am sure that the Quantity Surveyors who costed the project, carefully calculated the labour required at the prescribed rates to arrive at their tender price. Do these ungrateful workers know (or care) what R1500 each per month would do to these costings? Of course not. GREED in capital letters sums it all up.


Don’t feel sorry for Jake White, just wish him well in his next coaching job. I can’t wait to read his “warts and all” account of his tenure as Springbok coach in his autobiography, entitled, “In black and white” I am sure that there are quite a few members of the presidents council sh#tting themselves at the moment. What has politics got to do with sport? What was Mbeki doing on the podium? What has the race of the players got to do with winning or losing? White Men can’t jump, Black Men can’t scrum. Live with it, accept it and let’s move on. As far as rugby administrators are concerned, I just loved the quote by White in his book, “I always knew that SA rugby was riddled with people who had no interest in the game, only in what they could siphon from it.”  Trust me Jake it’s not just rugby, nor is it just sport in this country.  Everyone is in it for what they can get out of it, whatever the organisation. In my humble opinion, sports administrators should be either former players who have played at International level, or those holding a Post Graduate degree in Sports Adminstration from a recognised University.  Could anyone tell me how many members of the current Presidents Council fulfill these requirements?

Our drunk judge.

I quote from what Judge Nkola Motata “allegedly” said in the disputed video recordings in his drunken driving case, “Don’t think I’m a fool … I say f*** you … get to hell … I don’t care about the law.”  His defence team is now asking for the video recordings to be disallowed as evidence because they would prejudice his case.  I am no lawyer, but what the f#ck is the whole idea of evidence?  Of course it’s to prejudice the accused you morons, surely that’s the job of the prosecution.  It’s like me saying that the prosecution can’t call a witness who saw me commit an offence because it’ll prejudice my case.  I couldn’t help but giggle at advocate Peter Hazell SC’s comments on the Motata case.  “Motata is the judge who allegedly drove his state Jaguar into some other bloke’s garden wall while in a sorry state after gaaning totally tekere with a colleague of cups of non-overflowing Honest Tea.”  Just a question here.  As a High Court judge, who is paying for his defence?  The reason I ask is that this case really has been going on for a while.  Apparently over 40 drivers were arrested for drunken driving this last weekend in P.E. alone (including ANC MPL, Cedric Frolick)  They paid their R500 bail, will appear in court, accept the evidence, plead guilty and pay their fines.  What makes the Judge Motata  case any different?  Oh yes, and what sort of example to us mere mortals are we getting from this arsh@le who allegedly “doesn’t care about the law.”  Why is he a judge then?

Be Good



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