Yessir Mr President

Mr President, I have ah, Mr Synaptoman on line #3.


Sir, he says his name is Synaptoman and he sounds a bit strange.

Yes, but who is he?

I’m not exactly sure sir, but he sounds like a Blogger.

A Blogger? And what does a Blogger sound like?

Well sir, I must confess I have, only very occasionally, read his blog.”

AND, what does he write about?

Oh this and that, but he asked me to tell you that he is highly critical of your Government.

And why would he admit to that?

I’m not sure sir, but he did stress that sir. Highly critical.

Well why would he want to talk to me?

Sir, he’s rambling on about the Johnnic deal, and if we bought him out he’d write whatever we wanted. He sounds really odd sir, shall I have the call traced?

No, don’t bother. So he reckons he’s for sale hey?

Yes sir, he did imply that sir.”

And did he mention a price?

Well sir, he seems to think that he’s even more critical than even the Sunday Times sir, and even downright racist at times, in my opinion.”

The price, what about the price?

Well sir he spoke about two sir.

Two? Two? Two thousand, two hundred thousand, what?

Ah, two billion sir, and he says if you’re not interested he’s approaching JZ.”

Does anyone else know about this?

No sir, I took the call personally.

Ah, Sipho, put him through, and why don’t you take the rest of the afternoon off.

Yessir Mr President.


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