Eish, eets too hard.

Having juggled two jobs, working sometimes 18 hours a day to fund myself through 6 years of University study towards an eventual Post Graduate degree, it is particularly  upsetting for me to read the latest CV scandal  to affect the Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) municipality.

According to the Herald, Friday, November 2, 2007, 58 degrees, diplomas and other qualifications of various senior municipal managers were fake.

The issue was to be debated by the full council yesterday, but would be on “Green Paper”, meaning it is confidential and not available to the press or public.  I wonder why?

Now imagine for a minute if you will, that you are flying across the Atlantic Ocean on an aircraft, and you suddenly discover that the pilot never even attended flight school.  You’d be shocked and horrified. More importantly you’d expect his qualifications to have been verified when he applied for the job as pilot with airline.  You just take this for granted.

So what is different?  These are senior municipal managers who collect your rates and taxes and use these funds to run the city.  Why should their qualifications be any less important than that of a pilot?

Two senior managers, information systems manager Elle Boezio and housing department assistant manager Vusi Nqgunge, do even have any tertiary qualification.

Former recreation and culture business unit manager Mbulelo Gidane and other senior managers are named amongst the staff whose qualifications could not be verified.  Gidane left the municipality on learning that he was being investigated.  During his employment from March 2003 to August 2006, he was paid R2.62-million.

Some senior managers refused to sign indemnity forms for their qualifications to be verified.  Among them is Boniswe Qeqe, who is still expenditure manager in budget and treasury.  What has he got to hide?  How did he get this job in the first place?

  • The exams are too hard, so we lower the standards.
  • They’re still too hard, so we lower them again.
  • They’re still too hard so we buy a degree online.
  • We’re too lazy or stupid to do even this, so we just make up some qualifications.  Who’s going to check anyway? My cousin is in Human Resources.

And this is just ONE municipality.  Name them, shame them and then charge them with fraud.

I need a drink.


4 Responses

  1. Synaptoman — You are just jealous — as you do not have a black face! Have the drink, it will assist you with the stress of it all!

  2. Can I offer you a Guinness?

  3. Dude ! Half the traffic cops dont have drivers liscences !! Plenty Govt Officials dont have matric passes ….. Its no wonder its all going down the crapper.. !!

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