Bill, please help.

William Henry Gates III
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
United States of America

30 October 2007

Dear Sir,

Your Foundation, in it’s guiding principles, lists, amongst others, that;

  • Science and technology have great potential to improve lives around the world.
  • We identify a specific point of intervention and apply our efforts against a theory of change.
  • Delivering results with the resources we have been given is of the utmost importance—and we seek and share information about those results.

While your efforts in Africa are laudable, especially in Malaria research and eradication, in South Africa, we have a disease that is killing more people daily than the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. A disease that our Government chooses to ignore, while countless innocent men, women and children fall prey to it every day. A disease that that can be totally eradicated by technology and outside intervention.

As our country prepares for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, and spends billions building new stadia and upgrading infrastructure, our police and criminal justice system crumbles, and we slide rapidly into criminal anarchy. Violent crime is tearing our country apart and our Government has quite simply lost control. The window of opportunity that presented itself about five years ago has passed, and only outside intervention will save us from imploding.

Our Government, although I believe it can afford them, cannot be trusted to implement the measures I propose. Plans will be drawn, tenders will be (rigged) awarded, and then nothing will happen, and another billion or two will disappear into the abyss. No, my plan will only work if the funds are donated, and the sponsor assumes direct responsibility for it’s implementation by International experts in the appropriate fields. Some of my ideas infringe heavily on my “privacy” rights, but I, like many other traumatised citizens, am prepared to sacrifice these lofty “rights” to ensure the safety of my family.

My plans are as follows;

  • Establish an independent national DNA database of every man, woman and child in South Africa.
  • On collection of the DNA sample, the person will be issued with a secure, tamper-proof, identity card, containing a smart chip and bearing a photograph.
  • A thumb print will also be taken and collated with the DNA and other personal details.
  • Under no circumstances should these functions be performed by our dysfunctional Department of Home Affairs.
  • Equip each and every Police Station and police and metro vehicle with a card-reader and biometric thumb-print reader, connected wirelessly to a central database.
  • All residents and visitors to this country will be required to carry this card with them at all times. In the event of the card being lost, one can alternatively be identified by thumb-print.
  • Establish a digital police docket system, whereby all criminal dockets are digitised and held at a secure site, preventing dockets going “missing”.
  • Any criminal convicted of an offense with a prison sentence exceeding five years should immediately be implanted with a verichip to track his/her movements at all times.

All of the technology described above is readily available, and the return, in terms of lives saved, will far exceed any initiative that you have supported in the past.

We desperately need help, and I believe that your Foundation can make a real difference.

Your Sincerely

South Africa


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