So Long


Synaptoman is taking a well-earned break to the United Kingdom and Ireland and will return to regular posting from Monday 29th October.

I may well post the occasional entry if I find something that really interests me overseas. I am still patiently waiting for the Queen’s reply to my email regarding the important meeting that I wanted to schedule with her, and 10 Downing St. seems to be just as rude. Anyway, I am hoping to see The Police (the band that is) live at Wembley Stadium if I can get tickets. I will definitely post some details and interviews with the band members backstage.

My trip to Ireland is to visit the little village of Gowran in Kilkenny where my family originally comes from, and teach them how to drink real beer. I am also standing by should a rugby ticket for the semi-finals or final fall into my greasy palm and am prepared to resort to some good old South African “wiolens” to get one of these.

Without embarrassing my daughter too much, I thought my readers would like an insight into what a home-sick Saffer misses most from South Africa. Here is her “Happy Hamper”

Bakers Nutti Krust Chocolate Biscuits Box
Bakers Choc Kits biscuits Box
Bakers Iced Zoo Biscuits
Bakers Romany Cream BiscuitsBox
Pyotts Bacon Kips Box
Nestle Jellytots Bag
Bokomo Pronutro Original Flavour Box
Cadbury Dairy Milk Top Deck Slab
Cadbury Snacker-Original Bar
Nestle Chocolate Log Bar
Nestle Milo Bar Slab
Nestle Peppermint Crisp Slab
Nestle Tex Bar
Willards Big Korn Bites BBQ
A bottle or 2 of that Portuguese rose wine you always have with Seafood (huhh)
Then if possible to be bought closer to day of departure some koeksisters.

If you read on the news about a tourist arrested at Heathrow with a suspicious, sticky substance dripping out of his suitcase, you’ll know it’s me and the koeksisters.

Anyway, I’d also like to measure the effect of neglect on my blog, so I am listing my South African rankings here and will see what they look like when I get back.

Amatomu 78

Afrigator 35

Be Good



6 thoughts on “So Long”

  1. Twas a pleasure having you in Ireland …… Pity u couldnt stay to see the Poms get a Klap from the Boks…..

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