Old Gaol Restaurant

Let me say up front that this blog entry is completely biased and amounts to nothing less than a “shameless punt”. I own the Old Gaol Restaurant in Knysna, South Africa, so my views and opinions should be taken with a big pinch of salt.


Anyway, the Old Gaol (Old Jail, for you Philistines out there) was constructed in 1859 by convicts assigned to the engineer Thomas Bain for the construction of the Prince Alfred Pass. The building now houses a maritime museum, art gallery and the famous Old Gaol Restaurant. There is also a re-constructed jail cell and the old visitors room.

Sitiuated on the corner of Queen and Main Street, the Old Gaol Restaurant is open Monday to Saturday for breakfasts, teas, and lunches. The restaurant is sited in the old exercise yard which has now been covered and converted into a beautiful and tranquil pavillion-style structure. Traditional South African fair features prominantly on the menu and the restaurant can seat 50 people, and is fully licensed.

We also serve delicious fresh seafood, including prawns, calamari, crayfish and oysters.

Come and be spoilt by our friendly staff, or join Synaptoman for a beer at our friendly little bar. During the Summer Season (1 December – 31 January), we will be braaing prawns and crayfish every Friday afternoon for sundowners, starting at about 4PM.


Cook #2 Katie, Pot-scrubber “Little John”, Manageress Nadia and Cook #1 Louise.

Come and “Escape” for a while at the Old Gaol Restaurant.

Be Good



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