A Cunning Plan

Hey bru, I have a cunning plan.

Oh no, not another one. What now?

You know we always shit ourselves at this time of the year with all those road blocks and stuff.”

Yes, all the staff parties and piss-ups.

Ja, and then we get snot-flying drunk, and worry about getting caught.

So what’s your plan?

I’ll drive.

You? You’re a total piss-cat, you don’t stand a hope in hell.

I’ll drive on one condition.

What’s that?

When I get caught, you video me on your cell phone.

What? Are you mad? They’ll probably arrest me too.

You just do it, you’ll see.

Is this for YouTube or something?

No, you’ll see.

Come on boet, fill me in here.

OK, check this out. Video evidence could be suspect.

Wow, and he’s going to get away with it?”


So what exactly must I do?

You just video me lurching around and getting thrown into the van.

Yes, and…..

Then you tamper with the tape.”

Like how?

Well you just put in a Mickey Mouse voice or something and I get let off.

It can’t be as easy as that?

Well it is, and if Judge Nkola Motata is using it, it must be good.


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