Just print the stuff

Mr President, I have Mr Mugabe on line #2.

Damn, didn’t you tell him I’m out of the country?

Yes, but apparently word has got around that you’ve made one of your rare trips to South Africa.

What does he want?

Sir, he want’s to know if you’ve read the newspapers this morning?

You know I don’t trust anything written by the SA Press, I get my news from the Internet.”

Sir, its also on the Internet Zim to pay farmers in hard currency

What a joke, how’s he going to draw all of Zimbabwe’s hard currency out of his private Swiss bank account? We all know it’s been frozen.

No sir, that’s just it. He want’s us to print it for him. He says he’ll pay a healthy commission.”

Is he out of his mind?

Well, yes sir, we know he is, but he’s sent us a sample for us to print from.


And he really thinks he’s going to get away with this?

Well yes sir, his initial trials have been very succesful, but he thinks our printing presses can handle more volume and he needs the currency by Christmas.”


Yes sir, and its had quite an effect of the dollar already.

FOREX-Dollar hits fresh low vs euro, more weakness seen

So what’s the deal?

Well he says, just print the stuff and he’ll donate 10% to the ANC for the next election.

I’m think I’m getting a headache, just get my plane ready.

But you’ve just got back sir.


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