Bring back the Death Penalty

I watched with mounting horror the Carte Blanche special last night on the Brett Goldin and Richard Bloom murders in April 2006, and was deeply saddened by the murder statistics that were presented.

If one looks at any country that displays some abnormal statistic, either good or bad, one can normally trace the cause to an action (or lack of action) by the Government of that country. In South Africa, our abnormally high HIV/AIDS infection rate could be directly attributed by the denialist attitude of our incompetent Health Minister <spit> and in fact our President. It was only after the most intense pressure by the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and the International community that the government grudgingly started supplying ARV’s.

Apartheid, with all it’s excesses and gross violation of human rights, was defeated not by military victory, but by pressure, from both inside and outside the country. What is it with South Africa? Why do we need the most extreme pressure to make the simplest of decisions?

If you look at Zimbabwe, inflation of 7000% (25000% unofficially) doesn’t just happen, it has a cause, and the cause is the disastrous economic and political policies of the ruling party.

South Africa’s ranking as the murder and rape (and God knows what else) capital of the World DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN. We as a country are no more or less violent than any other country. And please, please stop blaming Apartheid. We find ourselves in this position because the government has NOT ACTED. The government, as with the HIV/AIDS issue, is in denial. And what will make this change?

PRESSURE. It’s the South African way. Nothing gets done here unless the government is dragged kicking and screaming to the decision.

Our First World Constitution is worth nothing when it is trampled daily underfoot by animals (no, much worse than animals). A murderer or rapist who does not value a human life, should in turn not have his life protected by our constitution.

If the ordinary ANC election fodder were given the choice, free of Party dictation, to re-introduce the death penalty in this country, they would do it in a flash. But will this happen? No.

Let us all join hands, regardless of party affiliation, race and religion and pressure the government to amend the constitution and re-introduce the death penalty for murder with aggravating circumstances. Let every death sentence be reviewed by the Constitutional Court, and let it be carried out swiftly and humanly by lethal injection. When our murder rate is back within International norms, let us re-address this issue.

BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY, it is currently our only hope.

Very Sad



8 thoughts on “Bring back the Death Penalty”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I was chatting about this exact topic with my girlfriend the other day and I truly believe it is the one thing that might make a difference.

    Install a sense of fear in the criminals that if they are going to commit a crime there are some very heavy consequences, not a free bed and food living with your chommies in Pollsmoor.

  2. I agree with you about the death penalty, but I fear that it would have made no difference in the case of Brett and Richard, I am sure being put to death is a bigger status symbol than just a life (or less) sentence.
    It is all such a senseless waste.
    If we were to sentence all the HIV rapists of little girls, I wonder if it would finally sink in that rape is not a cure for AIDS, or would they manage to twist that as well and call it an infringement of their constitutional rights?

  3. Couldn’t agree more with you. Bring back the death penalty for convicted murderers, rapists and child molesters and clear our jails of all the “ne’er do wells” there and give us taxpayers (the ones who actually pay tax!) a break from having to build new jails to house that lot — and having to feed and clothe them as well!

  4. I think that the Death Penalty should be brought back for any murderers, paedophiles, rapists, molesters and even for people who attack elderly people and leave them in critical states.
    The law is riduculous today, people are getting away with murder, literally!
    A life for a lefe as they say.
    I’m sure that this would reduce the number of disgusting things that happen in the world, and besides, people like that do not deserve to live!

  5. Wooly liberals claim that the death penalty is no deterent to crime. What shit! If you look at all of the criminals executed throughout history, not even one of them ever reoffended. That’s a 100% deterent that has always and will always work. And if executions are public, not only does the law work, but it will be seen to work too.

  6. I love this Irish newspaper article:There were 78 murders in 2007, up from 60 the previous year – a 30 per cent increase. The number of manslaughters fell by one to six over the same period. Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan noted that murders involving firearms, which he said were mainly drug-gang related, were down from 26 to 18. Stabbings increased, however, from 18 to 36. He acknowledged the figures were a cause for concern but noted a “particular challenge” was posed by the amount of murders in “private locations”. The Garda(Police) would work with other agencies to assess whether the underlying issues required “more than a policing response”, he added.
    I know that you can not compare South Africa and Ireland but I know where I would rather bring up my two young white boys. Nuf said.
    PS: The stats quoted above were for a whole year and not per day

  7. I agree

    it is basically every inteligent SA biggest dream. To see a reasonable death penalty back.

    It would most certainly work

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