What makes Life worth living.

The smell and protective aura of ones mother. The warm cuddly contentment of sleep, as it washes in waves over your tender young conciousness. The block that fits the hole, the red car that races across the carpet. Your first wheels, and the ecstasy of self-propelled, motion. The crayon drawing that means something to others. The affection of a pet. The adventure of exploring your world and how it grows and opens up before you over the years.

The words in books with pictures, and later just the words that spin their magic stories in your mind. The knowledge learnt and shared and infinite. The smell and sounds of church, the voices raised in praise. The summer sun, the crashing waves, the shimmering heat on the horizon.

Your first love reciprocated. The goal scored, the cheer of the victor, the pounding heart, the bursting lungs of the race won. The depths of the mighty ocean explored, one tiny pool at a time. The praise of ones father, acknowledgement by ones peers. The striving, the winning, the losing with dignity. The sounds of the music, and the tender memories that it invokes.

The thrill of a partner, the first beginnings, the starter house, the budget packs. The magic of the child born of your flesh. The smell, the tiny hands. The responsibility, the pride, the sense of achievement. The importance of small things earned by your own effort.

The sights, the sounds, the smells of foreign lands. The strange taste of new food. The sense of relief on finding the right path. The pride of family, and generations gathered for weddings and Christmas. The reunions. The wide-eyed surprise of gifts opened, and blessings received..

The smell of rain on a hot tar road, of mowed grass, of a horse moving in waves under you. The taste of that favourite dish, prepared especially for you by one you love.

The sense of community and spirit and shared values. The sudden realisation of how it works and all fits together. The meaning, the purpose, the reason.


Be Good.



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