Get naked, eat meat.

Hey bru, check this out.


Wow, she’s hot, are there more photos?

Don’t worry about the photo, read the article.

Bugger the article, she is HOT.

Listen, calm down. It says here that she stripped naked for an advertisement.

So? She’s hot.”

But don’t you see, there’s money to be made here.

Like how?

Well, Alicia Silverstone stripped naked to say that she’s a vegetarian.

So how is that going to make US rich.

Well we could strip naked to say that we’re NOT vegetarians.

But I still don’t see how that’s going to make us rich.”

It’s easy. Her ad is going to get thousands of people to become vegetarians, and the farmers are going to battle to sell their animals, because nobody will want to eat meat.


So, we approach the Farmers Union and offer to strip naked to promote meat-eating.

But why would people want to eat meat because they saw us strip naked.”

Don’t you see you moron, it doesn’t matter. We’ll have been paid already.

Oh, OK, now it’s making sense. But aren’t we a bit hairy and out of shape?

Ja well I suppose we’re not perfect, but they can do it with dim lights or whatever.

Let’s send a photo of you in that sexy Valentines Mating Dance and see what the Farmers Union think?

Which photo?

You remember, when you did that Romantic Valentines Day Menu.

Oh ja, now I remember. Do you think the Farmers Union will hire us if they see that photograph?

Well we’ll never know unless we give it a bash.

OK, let’s do it.



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