The Dentist

Kushner and De Villiers Dental Surgery, Good Morning.

Hi, Synaptoman here, I’d like to get a quote to have a tooth pulled.

Well, ah, sir we don’t really quote, but for a single extraction we charge R85.”

R85, hell that’s a lot of money, what if you hold the anaesthetic?

Sir that would be very painful, but I suppose we could do that for R50.

No man that’s still too much, what about if you let one of your learner dentists do it?

Sir, they are still in training, but if you insist and are prepared to sign an indemnity, an apprentice dentist could extract the tooth without an anaesthetic for say, ah, R30.

OK, now we’re getting somewhere. What if it was like used as a lesson, and all the other learners watched to see how not to do it etc.?

Well sir, I suppose that could be very educational, but VERY painful and uncomfortable for the poor patient. I suppose in circumstances like that, we could do it for R10 just to cover some tissues.

Right we’ve got a deal, could I please make an appointment for my wife Doris some time next week.”


Be Good



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