Don’t pay your TV Licence

I have being following the SABC Board appointments with interest. In the bad old days, the National Party government used to send the SABC secret, coded instructions, and pass on policy direction at clandestine Broederbond bosberaads over a few brandies and coke.

Everyone knew that the state broadcaster was biased, but it was difficult to prove, so we were raised on a diet of “Swartgevaar” and “Total Onslaught” without realising that their was life over the Rubicon. Now for the thinking man this is fine, because we have many other sources of information, but for someone whose opinions are formed by fiery COSATU meetings, Die Son and SABC1, the world must seem a very strange place indeed.

Now I have always preferred my propoganda a trifle more subtle, so when I heard of the openly 100% political appointments to the SABC Board, I almost choked on my gin and tonic.  Yes, I know, what do you expect? But please just do it with a little bit more tact.  I’m all for transparency, but when we are dealing with a dog, at least dim the lights and wear a negligee.

Which brings me to what brought this about. The dreaded “D” word. 

No not the DEVIL you idiot, DEMOCRACY.

Democracy means that 78% plus of those who voted (note, I did not say population), regardless of education, IQ, political awareness or contribution to the tax coffers, swept one party to power.  Now with all of this power, would you bahave any differently?  Of course not, so shut up.  That’s my problem with democracy, it’s just a numbers game.

If the ANC Government is so obsessed with demographics, why doesn’t it insist that 78% of all taxes are paid by blacks, 12% by whites, 8% coloureds etc.  That would be fair, wouldn’t it?

Oh don’t be silly, they only want 78% of the nice things, the whiteys are welcome to pay the taxes, just don’t expect to get into the national netball team.

Which brings me back to the SABC Board.  The beauty of an open, tranparent, ANC-appointed  board is that we KNOW that it will be ANC-biased.  That’s the part I like about transparency (sans the negligee).  You know where you stand.

So how’s this for an idea? Seeing that the SABC is now a department of the ANC why don’t they fund it as well?  What has this got to do with me?  I never voted for them, I wasn’t consulted on the appointment of the board, they don’t represent my views or even air them, so why should I pay for them.



One thought on “Don’t pay your TV Licence”

  1. Some new information at hand. The SABC’s income is as follows;

    Advertising…….R 3.3 billion
    Licences………..R 760 million
    Government…..R 84 million

    So the Government contributes under 3% of the revenues and dictates 100% of policy. Or should I rather say, the ANC Party contributes 0% and dictates 100% of policy.


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