Southern Zimbabwe

In the old days, the country now called Zambia was known as Northern Rhodesia, while Zimbabwe was known as Southern Rhodesia. A most dismaying situation this week has convinced me that we are soon to see the name South Africa being changed to Southern Zimbabwe.

Has Synaptoman taken leave of his senses? No, this happened years ago. My reasons for predicting this name change, has been the weeks events surrounding statements made by our minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs, Lulu Xingwana.


Yesterday the headlines screamed out, “South African farmers who illegally evict workers and violate their rights risk losing their land

Lulu was quoted by the South African Press Association as saying, “”Those who are not keeping the law, the government has the right to expropriate.

What happened to our property rights as enshrined in our shiny new constitution?

Is the confiscation of our land, our businesses and possessions going to be used as punishment for being white and successful, under the guise of abuses of farm labourers?

Will these assets be re-distributed to brown-nosed, Party faithful ala Zim?

I believe that we are on the first exhilarating section of the slippery slide down the self-same slope that every single, newly-independent African country has travelled. and we thought it couldn’t happen to us.

Well it has.

Whatever Constitutional remedies prevent this mad statement ever materialising, this is what those in power are thinking !!!

I sincerely hope I haven’t spoilt your weekend.




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