Jimmy spews forth.

What is it about Jimmy I saw a white face Manyi that gets my blood boiling? He now want’s Parliament’s labour portfolio committee to amend the Employment Equity Act to exclude white women from affirmative action on the grounds that they have benefited disproportionately from the programme. Read the whole sordid story here in Business Day.

I don’t even know where to start.  Let’s just vent some steam then.

The Black Management Forum (BMF) is racist. The simple test is that if we had a White Management Forum it would be deemed racist, so the reverse also applies.

Jimmy Manyi has an issue with race.  He clearly does not like Whites.  Now this is either because he has suffered some real or imagined injustice at the hands of Whites, or he feels in some way superior(or inferior) to Whites.  Is it perhaps that he is afraid to compete with us paler types on a level playing field?  Surely the new non-racist, Rainbow Nation was about rooting out all favouritism based on race?  Let’s all just be friends and compete on an even basis?  No, of course not.  Old Jimbo want’s the game so rigged that he and his “Black Managers” cannot possibly lose out, no matter how useless their performance.

If the BMF spent as much time and effort in training and improvement of their members, as they do in chasing “racists”, we could really get somewhere in this country.

And here some shocking news that JM has just brought to our attention;

The report showed that white women’s percentage representation at the higher echelons of corporate hierarchies exceeded their share of the economically active population.”

Ag shame.  SO WHAT?  This just means that they are out-performing all other demographic groups, and probably working a damn side harder too, and I applaud them.

Jimmy, we don’t live in an ideal world.  Some of us are clever and some are stupid (we won’t mention any names).  Some of us work 16 hour days, and others are lazy.  To expect the demographics of the country to be reflected in every sector, from the Springbok rugby team to the Poffadder Stamp Collecting Society is a load of crap.  Go and get a proper job (preferably somewhere far away overseas), and I think you’ll learn very quickly that your performance and capabilities, and not the hue of your skin, will determine your place in the food chain.  It’s only here, once again, in racist South Africa, that merit is secondary.

And one final gem from this article;

President Thabo Mbeki should in addition establish a commission of inquiry to investigate workplace discrimination.”

Yeah right?  How about discrimnation against infinitely better qualified and capable white males who are overlooked when new appontments are made?

I very seldom get angry, but THIS man really gets me going.

Be Good



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