Aquaponics 101 – Taking my Time

Last week in Aquaponics 101 – Early Beginnings i recorded my first tentative steps in the site preparation.

With three days of drizzle and rain we really battled with mud and clay (and a sewerage pipe running right through my site). I had to bring in the heavy labour and used a likeable young Malawian by the name of Joshua to do most of the manual labour. We were able to finish the pole terracing by Friday, and we were then joined by my regular Malawian gardener, Obvious (yes, that’s his name) to compact the site.

Here are some photos of the terrace as it’s looking now.



I think the delay in getting the site ready is good because it gives me time to think and re-think my plan. I am also doing a stack of reading and am quite fascinated by a concept called “Village Aquaponics” where small, individual growers are able to supply a village, suburb or community with fish, vegetables and fruit. Read more about it here.

I am going to stick to leafy vegetables at first (outside the greenhouse in grow-beds) with tomatoes inside with the tanks. I have changed my plan to 2 tanks because of space constraints caused by the damn sewerage pipe. Here is a rough layout. The dotted line is the greenhouse and the arrows are the water flow direction. The rest is self-explanatory.


This week we’ll finish compacting the site and take out a huge tree stump that I found smack in the middle. I am also going to get some PVC pipe and start mocking up the ribs iof my greenhouse.

Until next week.

Be Good



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