Off to Paris – The Sequel

Bru, that was not even slightly funny.”

Sorry man, I had no idea...”

“Sorry is not good enough, you’ve spoilt the whole World Cup for me.

How was I to know we were going to Parys

Well it’s all your fault, you planned everything and stuffed up my weekend.

Well it wasn’t THAT bad, at least we saw some rugby.

Yes, Under 13B Primary School Rugby.


Ja, but at least the flight was pleasant.

Pleasant, pleasant, we were almost killed. That pilot was pissed.

“Ja, I know, but he looked very experienced.

Ja, experienced at crash-landing. Did you see the condition of the plane?


Ag, look on the bright side.

The bright side, what bright side?

Well at least we saw the game on TV at that pub.

Oh ja, now I remember, along with the other hundred people crowded in there.


I tried my best, you know.


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