Welcome to the Jungle

The afternoon “rush hour” in Knysna usually lasts about 25 minutes in Winter. Some rush straight home to open the red wine and build a roaring fire, and others take a more leisurely rush home via the nearest pub.


This routine was rudely interrupted on both Monday and Tuesday afternoons, by what is cutely named a “taxi demonstration”. Now trust me, I have nothing against the “bruddas” apart from their atrocious driving, ear-splitting noise, littering, drug-dealing…..ah well maybe I do have a few issues.


Apparently they have some grievances. I’m not exactly sure what these are, but rumour has it, that they are unhappy with the location of the new multi-million rand taxi rank that the local Municipality are building for them. Or maybe they are tired of the Traffic Department targeting them for traffic violations. Ag shame.

Anyway, for the second day now, the taxis have streamed into town from the “coloured” suburbs (am I still allowed to say this?) and the black townships in convoy. Now this is not just a peaceful convoy driving in single file with banners outlining their grievances and finally ending with the handing over of a memorandum to our mayor. NO, this is a mad, headlong rush on both sides of the road, with hooters and music blaring, racing along at 120km plus in Main Street, weaving from side to side, playing chicken, performing “doughnuts”. The traffic department and police have stood by helpless while these thugs have taken over our Main Street.

Thankfully, ordinary law-abiding traffic was diverted away from Main Street down Waterfront drive, but I really felt sorry for the traffic that was caught in the middle of this mayhem. These motorists were literally “pushed” out of the road by these animals. I came across one poor old lady in tears who had left her bakkie parked in Main Street and fled down one of the side streets on foot to escape the chaos that ensued.

I have a few questions for our authorities.

  • How much longer are you going to be soft on crime? And yes, reckless and dangerous driving that endangers the lives of motorists IS crime.
  • Why do you pull me over and fine me R500 for not wearing a safety belt in the middle of town driving at 30km/h, when a taxi drives past at about 100km/h plus on the wrong side of the road and then drives through a red traffic light with hooter blaring?
  • Don’t you realize that by not clamping down hard on this type of behaviour (and the type of mayhem last year during the Municipal strikes), you encourage more and more anarchy that will eventually engulf this country?
  • Isn’t it about time we stopped blaming Apartheid for everything and stopped with the hand-outs? These taxi owners earn a fortune, let them pay for their own bloody taxi rank.
  • I am also traumatised and emotionally scarred by my experiences under the Apartheid Government. Surely the least you could do is subsidise the beer price?

Wake up, get tough, clamp down. The infection will get worse unless you treat it with antibiotics.

Be Good



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