Off to Paris


So Bru, only a few days now hey?

Ja, isn’t it exciting?

Ja, man South Africa vs Samoa. Hell I feel sorry for those Samoans.

So Boet are you sure about the flight?

Ja it’s a bargain, and it doesn’t even take long.

And you’ve definitely got the tickets?

Relax Boet, the pilot says we don’t need tickets, juts get there at 7 on Saturday and he’ll fly us there.

And the rugby on Sunday? What about the rugby tickets?

I phoned the Publicity Office and that’s also no problem, we’ll definitely see the match.

So what else are we going to do when we’re there?

Well, let’s see here,

….. is a popular tourist destination, affording the visitor endless opportunities for leisure and adventure. Water sport activities include river rafting, water skiing, canoeing, angling and power boating.

Cool, I wonder where they do river rafting in Paris?

Ja, that does seem rather strange?

And accommodation?

Booked, check this out, here’s where we’re staying.


Shit boet, doesn’t that looks rather African?

Ja it does hey, anyway maybe it’s owned by a Saffer.”

How do we get around? Have you got a map?

Relax boet, I’ve got everything sorted, here’s the map, and there’s Paris up there in the North.”


Why do they spell it like that?”

Ag, you know these foreigners, they always want to be different.


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