Click, click, click………..weeeeeee

In The Paris Factor I demonstrated the power of the celebrity. With a few carefully chosen words, I was able to direct many more readers to my blog than would normally have been the case. This was performed purely as a demonstration of how views can be swayed by the power of the keyboard.

What happened this weekend however, was not of my doing. It all started on Saturday when an unusually high number of hits were noted on an obscure posting of mine called The Zimbabwe Ruins.

In this post a waffled on about Mad Bob <spit> from Zimbabwe phoning Mbeki with a view to using the Rand, and if he didn’t comply, he’d ask Charlize Theron to speak to Bush and use the Dollar as the official currency of Zim. All quite innocent and funny. Oh, and did I forget to mention, to illustrate the point I showed a very nice photograph of Charlize. In fact I still have it somewhere, oh here it is;


Then a rumour starts last week about Charlize getting engaged or something, and at the same time a photo website based in Russia or Poland or Hungary (I think. Can someone identify this language?) uses the same photograph and links back to Synaptoman.

And then all hell breaks lose. Look at these stats, bearing in mind that I’ll normally attract say 3 or 4 lonely souls on a Sunday.


There are many companies offering Search Optimization Services, and this is the exact method they use to send your website racing to the first page of a Google Search. And this can spell big bucks, and a head-start over your opposition. “The Pen is mightier than the Sword” still applies in 2007.

Be Good


“I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.”


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