What if? – Introduction

In If I ruled a Country we grappled with the concept of what we would do if we ruled a country. That is, the big, What If? question was raised. It proved to be one of my most popular posts, and really got the readers fired up with ideas.

In this weekly series we are going to ask the big What If? question on a range of different topics. Here is an outline of the weeks ahead.


  • We had never discovered fossil fuels.
  • The earth warmed by 1 degree per year from now.
  • Man was only the second most intelligent species on Earth.
  • We were all vegetarians.
  • There was only one language on Earth.
  • We had no money (no really).
  • Spouses were chosen by Lottery and marriages expired after 5 years.

I would be happy to include any other What If’s you may think of.

Enjoy your weekend



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