As big as the Moon

So Bru, how’s your head?

Not so good, and yours?

Heavy man, heavy.

What time did we finish last night anyway?

Man it must have been 3 or 4 in the morning, but hell we shouldn’t have finished that bottle of Jack.”

The Jack was fine, it was the case of beers before that did the damage.

But it was worth it.”

Yep, it certainly was.

As big as the moon?

As big as the moon.

So are you going to post off the photo to NASA?

Ja, or maybe we should just email it.

Can you believe it though, we did it.

Yes we did it, photographed Mars as big as the Moon.

I got a bit worried yesterday when they started saying it was just a hoax.

Ja, after all of our preparation.

Ja, and all the money we’d spent on the booze and stuff.

Why do you think they said it was a hoax?

I think they just wanted to get all the good photos to themselves.

Ja, but when they see ours, they’re going to say like, let’s pay these guys.”

Ja, lank bucks, AND we’ll be famous.

Have you got the photo with you?”

Ja, do you want to see it again?

“Ja, just one more time.”







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