Wild Thing

So Bru, are you getting the hang of this Daddy thing?

Ja, but hell that kid can be a handful hey? (no pun intended)

How do you mean?

Well he just eats and then he poops and then he pees and then he screams and then he sleeps.

A lot like his Old Man hey?

Hey watchit, your turn will come.

So is Doris busy then?”

Ja, but she takes it out on me man. You know the story about the bike.

Ja, I remember, you decided to buy a bike the same week she has the baby.

Well anyway, she says it’s gotta go.”

What? But you love that bike man.

Ja, but what can a man do? She says if I don’t get rid of it, she’s going to ignore the lighty when he screams and I’ll have to sort him out.”

So what are you going to do?”

I’ve just got to do what she says.

Like what? Sell it? Have you found a buyer yet?

No, not really but I’ve had lot’s of phone calls.”

Where did you advertise it?








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