You’re fat, don’t sneeze.

Recent news reports suggest that obesity can be spread like a common cold virus, and that I could “catch” obesity from someone afflicted with this “disease”. The basis of the story is that research showed that stem cells retrieved from fat tissue can convert to fat cells when exposed to adenovirus (AD-36) a type of virus that causes lung and eye infections.

Adult stem cells were extracted from fatty tissue from a broad cross-section of patients who had undergone liposuction. Half of the stem cells were exposed to Ad-36. After about a week of growth in tissue culture, most of the virus-infected adult stem cells developed into fat cells.

What is thus suggested, is that a vaccine could one day be developed to counter obesity. This vaccine would presumably be administered to children with their shots and prevent them from catching “obesity” from their friends at school.


Let’s stop here for a minute to reflect on this.

I have an “Obesity Shot” as a child, and then spend the rest of my life eating fatty foods, drinking beer and lounging in front of the TV doing absolutely nothing, and I won’t get fat?

OK, and will this vaccine stop me from getting heart disease from clogged arteries?

The danger of articles like this is, not that it won’t work quite as we imagine it, but that it gives the fat slobs who are actually living this sort of lifestyle another excuse to carry on as they are.

Don’t worry Honey, the doctors are working on it. Get me another beer will you?

I read an interesting article on the role of the Internet in fuelling the cause of Aids Denialists.  In this article our President, Thabo Mbeki <yawn> and Manto <cheers> are featured prominently.  What really tweaked my interest however, was a comment by sinai at the end of the article which really sums up what I am trying to say;

Oh come on! It’s not the internet that’s fueling the HIV epidemic, it’s the lack of basic literacy skills in people who have access to too much information. That by far is a greater enemy to mankind than HIV is, is responsible for more deaths, and much like HIV, has no known cure. Except perhaps in the strictest of senses: death.



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