He saw a white face

Mr President, I have Jimmy Manyi on Line #1

Manyi? That names familiar. Who is he again?

He’s President of the Black Management Forum, Sir.

Oh yes, now I remember. What does he want? I’m busy writing my weekly column.”

Sir, he says he saw a white face.

A white face, where?

I’m not exactly sure Sir, he’s phoning from his cellphone and he’s furious.

Wasn’t he going on last week about a white Executive Chairman at Alexander Forbes?

Yes Sir, he’s on a roll at the moment. He wants to root out all the Whiteys in senior management positions.”

That’ll be great, but won’t he be accused of racism?

No Sir, we’ve just commissioned, ah received a study from Fort Hare University that concludes that it’s only racism if it’s white on black. The other way around it’s defined as transformation.

Oh good, I’m glad that ones cleared up. Make sure Bob get’s a copy of the study.

Yes sir. W hat should I do about Manyi?

Just find out exactly where he saw this white face and try and get a photograph.”

Sir he says this person is in a senior management position, and she’s definitely white. He’s going back to take a photo with his cellphone.”

Good, get him to send it to me and I’ll raise the matter in Parliament tomorrow. By the way, who’s on Line #2?

Manto Sir. She says you’ve done nothing to close down the Sunday Times, so she’s going to leak your dirty little secret to the press.

Oh shit, just cut her off or something. I just get myself into trouble everytime I get involved with that woman.

Sir, that photo from Manyi has just come in. Shall I email it to you.

Yes, please, and then leave me alone.




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