Do I need a Visa?

If you have a bit of time on your hands today, go an have a look at this website. Absolutely hilarious.

It is a simple three question page that determines whether you will need a visa to enter the United Kingdom. Now how could I possibly find this boring Government website so amusing? Go an play with it, and you’ll see what I mean.

As I said, there are three questions to be answered, with simple pull-down list boxes of options, namely;

  • Purpose of Visit.
  • Country of Nationality.
  • Current Location.

Let’s give it a spin.

South Africa.
South Africa.
No, you do not need a visa.

OK, let’s pretend that we’ve just slipped under the fence.
South Africa.
Yes, you need a visa. (Shame, that’s no way to treat a former colony).

And if your name is Borat?
United States.
Yes, you need a visa. (Sorry Borat.)

How about Crocodile Dundee from Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia.
No, you do not need a visa. (Great, can I bring along my camel?)

Borat decides to try another strategy.
UK Ancestry.
Nationals of Kazakhstan are not eligible for entry to the United Kingdom under the UK Ancestry scheme. (But what about my Grandfather?)

Try this one in an Internet Cafe.
Minister of Religion.
Yes, you need a visa. (But I’m not going to be there long!)

Borat, the travelling comedian.
Entertainer (six months or less).
Yes, you need a visa. (Borat gives up).

Have fun



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