The Front Ranker

So Bru, how’s mommy and baby coming on?

No fine, all well and back home.

Great, what’s his name?

Well, I was thinking of something manly, like Butch.”

What have you got planned for HIM?

Well obviously he’ll play rugby like his Dad.

How do you know that bru, he’s only a week old.”

Agh, it’s in the genes you know.

Ja, and Doris is not a small girl either.

Hey, watch it, that’s my wife you’re talking about.”

Sorry man, but it’s true, with you and Doris as parents he should be a big boy.

Hey I can’t wait, I’ve even bought a rugby ball for him already.

No way, and what position do you think he’ll play?

Well I was a flank, but he’ll probably be bigger than me so who knows? Maybe front ranker.

Jeez, as big as THAT? By the way, was he a big baby?

Well ah, not really, but he’s sure to grow you know?

Not really? What do you mean, not really?

Well he was actually a bit on the small side.

How small bru? You can level with me, I’m your best bud, remember?

Well actually, ah, very small. Here’s one of his big photos, just after a feed and just before a crap.






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