Self Help for Dummies – Chapter 8

In Self Help for Dummies I threatened to serialize the outline of this book. Here is the draft of chapter 8, the last chapter of this series.


Chapter 8 How to supplement your income by writing a self-help book.

Here we are at the end of this series, and I’m sure that you feel as energised and motivated as I do. You are slim, healthy, good looking with a sizeable bank balance, doing a stimulating and rewarding job, married to a supermodel, and have talented and intelligent children. Well, ah, maybe not the supermodel. Anyway, what I am trying to say, is that you are a different person to the fat slob who started reading this book a few weeks ago.

Now, let’s milk this system for all it is worth. Self Help books are easy, so why don’t you write one, or if that prospect is too daunting, why don’t you just contribute a chapter or two to a collective book.

Have a look at this blog entry. It’s a simple tutorial on how to shuck (open) an oyster with some photographs to make it easier.


Everyone is good at something. It may be cooking pasta, parking a car, shining silverware, making biltong, in fact anything.

Now all you have to do is write the instructions down, take some explanatory photographs, and off you go. The Internet is a wonderful place to market your book, but the real world is an even better place to sell it.

An idea that definitely works is to find a worthy charity and donate a portion of the proceeds to them. The charity will invarably promote your book, and your share is normally more than you would have got if you went it alone.

Self-help books sell these days. The ordinary Joe Soap is so spoon fed, that he’d gladly go out and spend a few bucks on a book to teach him how to make his own biltong, or peel an orange.

Right, now off you go now. If you’d like to try this concept out, send me a comment to this blog, and I’ll send you contact details. Forward your contribution in a similar format to the oyster blog mentioned above and I’ll feature the best 3 or 4 over the next few weeks, giving full credit to the author.

This series has been a blast, and I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out my ideas on you, my trusty readers. Don’t be surprised if you see a very similar book published before long.

Be Good



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