Don’t mention Exile

Mr President, I have the Health Minister on Line 1

Impossible, I fired her just before Womens Day.

Ah, sir, that was the Deputy Minister.

What? Are you mad, she was doing a great job.

Yes, but you fired her anyway.

Why on earth would I have done that?

I’m not sure Sir, and there’s been quite a fuss in the press <spit>, especially after they published details of your letter firing her

I wrote a letter? Well, what does she want?

I’m not sure Sir, she says it’s personal.


Yes sir, she wants to know if the deal is still on.

What deal?

Sir, it’s something about what happened in exile.

Oh shit, did she say that?

Yes Sir, and she also said she’s phoning to thank you for getting rid of her Deputy.

Well tell her I’m not in.

I tried Sir, but she just screamed at me. I think she’s been drinking again.

Mmm, I read the Sunday Times, this may be a problem.

What did she say about exile.

She said you know what happened, and if you want to keep it private, you’d better carry on being nice to her.


And we need to go on another Vitamin, Garlic and African Potato initiative.

Oh, please not that, anything but that.

Ah, there’s more Sir.


Yes Sir, she wants to appoint her own new Deputy.

Can this get any worse? May I ask who she’d like to appoint.

Somebody called Dr Rath. Sir, sir, are you alright?



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