Yes, but what do you DO?

As a child I envied the other kids who lived in houses with real street numbers. I have always been cursed with the most unorthodox addresses imaginable.

  • The Flat, Williams Hunt.
  • Congoskraal, Alexandria District.
  • Crosswinds, Sardinia Bay.
  • Driftwood, Compass Road, Beachview.

All I ever wanted was an ordinary address like, 101 Main Street, Walmer, P.E.. How civilised, how formal. But NO, we had to be different. I still remember the laughs and jeers from my classmates, as I laboriously spelt out my address for the teacher. I suppose it could have been worse. We had a kid in our class who lived in a caravan, and his address changed all of the time.

I did eventually get my first address with a real number, and settled down into suburbia.

My chosen profession was no different. At high school we all started choosing our careers, and I changed my ideas on numerous occasions from vet, doctor, civil engineer, architect right through to astronaut. The only career that I had no desire to choose was lawyer, because my Dad <respect> said they were bad people. I sort of knew why he had these views. But my point is, they were all ONE WORD.

I eventually (in November of my Matric year) decided to become a Chartered Accountant, which I then proceeded to do, only to leave the profession two weeks after qualifying and embarking on a series of occupations that could certainly not be described in ONE WORD.

Nowadays, to try and answer the question, “what do you do for a living?” is no mean feat.  A living, I presume is, where the money comes to pay ones bond, buy groceries, pay school fees etc?  If the source of these funds is numerous and varied, ONE WORD doesn’t quite do it.

So here I am again describing myself as a businessman,  consultant, systems developer, speculator, blogger, etc.  to the laughs and jeers of my peers.

What I am trying to say, is that even in middle age, I still haven’t decided exactly what I want to do for a living, and ONE WORD would certainly never do.

Be Good




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