The Delivery

So Bru, I hear congratulations are in order?

Yep, it was a boy, have a cigar.”

So, did you guys have the underwater birth we spoke about?”

No, she chickened out after she saw the photograph, hee, hee.”

And, was it hectic?”

Hectic, jeez you don’t even want to know about it.


Well, remember I said we were going hiking in the Baviaanskloof.

Yes, and I said you’re mad, the baby is due soon.

And then I said……………..

Yes, you said, nothing to worry about boet it’s just a gentle 30km, a walk in the park.

Well, maybe I should have listened to you.

Why what happened?

Well she was going quite well for about 10 k’s and then I think the beers got a bit heavy for her.

Beers, are you mad, you can’t take beers on a hike.

Ja, I know, but we’d got about a k or two and I realized that they were too heavy for her, so I thought I’d do her a favour and start drinking them to reduce the weight you know?


Well, like I say it helped a bit until about 10 k’s and then she started complaining.

About the beers?

No you idiot, about labour pains.”

Oh jeez, what did you do?

Well first you have to remember not to panic.


Well after I’d stopped screaming I got hold of the clinic at Willowmore on the old celery phone.

And did they send an ambulance?

Ja, but thankfully her pains were not so serious.


Well it sort of took a while for the ambulance to get to us.”

Did they get lost or what?

No, not really, it’s just that the ambulance was a bit slow.”

Oh, I see.”






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