They’re only Animals

One of those really disgusting news stories caught my attention yesterday. Pig truck crash leads to bloody free-for-all (sorry this link no longer works)

A truck transporting pigs overturned 20 km outside Middledrift in the Eastern Cape on Sunday. The living, dead and dying pigs were dragged to the side of the road and hacked to death by “locals”. When the police and traffic authorities arrived on the scene soon afterwards, instead of protecting the pigs from the looters, joined in the bloody orgy, and openly loaded pigs and carcases into official police vehicles in full sight of SPCA officials who rushed to the scene to render assistance.

Read the full story above, because I’m too disgusted to go into any more detail.

A few years ago, a very good friend of mine was involved in a high-speed motorcycle accident, also in one of these rural areas. When we came upon the scene, not three minutes later, the “locals” were hard at work pulling his helmet and boots from his unconscious body, without any regard to his neck and back injuries. Needless to say that his cellphone and wallet were long gone. Another group were stripping the motorcycle of it’s battery and other parts were it lay about 100m away.

Incidents have also been reported of women being dragged from crashed cars and raped by their “rescuers”.

This is barbarism, and total lack of respect for life, animal and human. Our country is doomed with this kind of mindset in place. I find myself on a roller-coaster of emotions, ranging from extreme optimism as our economy booms, and I sit and sip a beer, watching the most magnificent sunset, to the depths of disgust, fear and sorrow for this beautiful country, South Africa.

Read the title of this post anyway you like.

Very Sad



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