Self Help for Dummies – Chapter 7

In Self Help for Dummies I threatened to serialize the outline of this book. Here is the draft of chapter 7.


Chapter 7- Is it my imagination, or have I just achieved something?

In the last instalment, we addressed variants of the carrot and stick approaches. Today, to our absolute amazement, we discover that we are “achievers”.

I’m really not one to completely subscribe to the principle that if there are people less fortunate than us, then we should be thankful for what we have, and pat ourselves on the backs for “achieving” something.

On the contrary, let’s for a minute forget about others all together, and compare our current position in life to our strongest competitor, ourselves.

In Space/Time, a cross drawn on a piece of paper may look exactly the same when viewed a few seconds later. But it isn’t. It is a completely different cross. It has travelled thousands of kilometers through space. Millions of atoms have been shaved off. It is drier or wetter or heavier or lighter, but certainly isn’t the same cross.

Imagine then, how different you, a biological, “living” organism, are. You’re older, maybe fitter, less fit, heavier, lighter, or in my case, less or more intoxicated. and this is only after a few seconds.

Compare yourself then, to what YOU were, when you started reading this series. Are you “better”? What is better? Is it a leaner, fitter, lighter, healthier you? Is it a YOU who now sets goals and achieves quite a few of them? Yes, then you are better.

My late father <respect> always said;

  • THIS is the other side of the fence.
  • THESE are the “Good old Days”.

Never forget this, and in your navel-gazing, it will suddenly dawn on you that YES, you are achieving things every day, you are growing and learning, WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT.

This sudden realization is self-sustaining, and leads to even more concrete and measurable achievements, ONCE YOU START GIVING YOURSELF CREDIT.

Be Good






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