Mixed Signals

As Zimbabwean refugees stream across the border into South Africa, it is the border farmers who are bearing the brunt of this disaster. Game fences are cut, allowing animals to escape, stock theft is rampant, and the safety and security of the farmers, their families and workers are threatened on a daily basis.

Both President Mbeki <yawn> and Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula have recently accused the public of doing nothing to combat crime. This is clearly a “cop-out” (excuse the pun), as in my book, the role of the Minister of Safety and Security is to take care of our………………….Safety and Security.

So what happens when the affected farmers start doing something about the illegal aliens invading their farms on their headlong rush from Mad Bob Mugabe <spit>?

They are threatened with their own arrest if they continue to mount patrols and make “citizens arrests”. How absurd? Does our government really expect these hard-working, tax-paying, landowners to just stand back and do nothing?

The logic behind this pathetic threat is that a citizens arrest is only permissible after a Category 1 crime, namely murder, robbery, rape, etc.

Now the farmer is expected to sit back while thousands of starving refugees devastate his land, tear up his fences, slaughter his livestock, just waiting and biding his time until one of these “refugees” rape his wife or murder his children, and then, and only then, may he make a citizens arrest.

How pathetic.

The South African Government must take direct responsibility for the disaster that is Zimbabwe. Mbekis policy of “Quite Diplomacy” has been a joke, and he has to take moral responsibility for the starvation, brutality and misery that is taking place to our North. And when thousands of refugees flee across the border on a daily basis, something has to be done, and if the police and border patrols are not doing their jobs and stemming the flood, then it must be accepted that the ordinary citizen IS going to protect his property, family and workers.

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One thought on “Mixed Signals”

  1. The situation in Limpopo is symptomatic for the whole of our country. In this country, if you try to meet aggression with aggression trying to protect your property and your family and in so doing manage to kill one or more of your assailants then you are likely to be convicted of murder! I say bring back the death penalty and clear our overcrowded jails of convicted murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc and give us the ratepayers in this land a breather from having to support these useless individuals.

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