Global Warming

This global warming thing has really got me thinking. The obvious signs like strange weather patterns, drought or flood, and tsunamis are all very well, but some other less obvious signs that something is not quite right, are starting to emerge.

Take the recent example of the sighting of a great white shark off the coast of England, at Cornwalll. Whether these reports are true or not is irrelevant. The fact that we are prepared to “entertain” the concept at all, is a sure sign that we have come to accept that the oceans are in fact warming up.


I suppose that forward thinking people are probably hard at work dreaming up business ideas and products to address rising sea levels, hotter oceans, torrential rain in the Sahara etc.

Even the fashion industry, I am sure, is thinking of innovative new fashion ideas and trends for “Summer of 2014” etc.

I have a bit of a foot fetish, so I’ve been concentrating on footwear. Here’s an example. You’ve just bought a house on the Marina at Thesen Islands in Knysna. The water is currently only about 1 m below the level of your house. You are the ultimate kugel, and wouldn’t be seen dead in any casual wear. It’s high-heels or nothing. You’re not going to allow a bit of global warming and rising sea levels to spoil your fashion sense.

But HOW, are you going to stay fashionable, but still wear practical shoes, given the changing circumstances?


Well, here’s one idea.




P.S. And a VERY Happy Birthday and tons of love and kisses to my daughter Janys in the UK. Want a pair of these for your birthday?


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