Underwater Birth

So Bru, any day now hey?

Yep, can you imagine, I’m going to be a Big Daddy.”

So, how’s Doris feeling? She must be be nervous by now hey?

Ag Ja, it’s no big deal, we’re prepared.

Prepared? You, prepared? That’s a first., How have you been preparing?

Well we’ve been to those classes you know.”

What classes?

You know, where the mothers and fathers go to, and practice.

Sis man, imagine all those naked fat ladies.

Not naked. you idiot. We just pretend she’s having the baby.

Ja, but still, all that groaning and screaming must have been terrible.

Tell me about it, and no beer or anything. Just tea afterwards.”

Serious? What kind of meeting is that?

Well anyway Doris has now decided to have an underwater birth.

What the hell is an underwater birth?”

I don’t know, but she want’s one.

Well is it like in the pool or something? Or even in the bath.”

I really don’t know. My mate Synaptoman sent me a photo of an underwater birth so I can get a rough idea.

Well come on then show us? Is she completely naked?

Ja, completely, and I think the water’s cold because she’s got goosebumps.

Is it like, really graphic?

Yep, you’d better prapare yourself Bru, this is heavy.

Well come on then, don’t keep me waiting. Lets see the photo.”

Oh well, OK. Here it is.”







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